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industrial application amr handler


At Caliber, we specialize in providing advanced automation solutions designed to transform industries. By seamlessly integrating state-of-the-art technology, our products not only optimize efficiency and minimize errors but also elevate productivity on a personal level. Caliber empowers you to unlock measurable cost savings and gain valuable insights from data, while experiencing effortless scalability that spans various industries.

Our Products

Caliber transforms industries with its cutting-edge Autonomous Mobile Robots, revolutionizes semiconductor testing through advanced Test Handler Robots, and contributes to India's Automation Industry with unique Railway solutions.

The 3-phase voltage monitor by Caliber, proactively prevents issues by constantly watching voltage across all phases. If any phase strays from tailored thresholds, a trip is activated. Additionally, the phase monitoring relay adds extra protection by alerting if phase differences exceed a threshold. It safeguards equipment by supervising the three-phase line and provides LED fault indications.

Korean Train

Central to cutting-edge railway infrastructure, our 1.5 KW Inverters are pivotal in maintaining critical systems during transit. Unlike less power-dependent industries, railways require constant power for communication, safety, and control systems. With unwavering reliability, our top-tier inverters ensure seamless operations, even in the face of power fluctuations, ensuring uninterrupted safety and efficiency.

Harnessing the abundant power of the sun, our cutting-edge Solar Pump brings innovation, efficiency, and sustainability to your water pumping needs. Operating seamlessly with the precision of a solar inverter, our Solar Pump utilizes solar energy to drive water pumping systems, just as our 12KW Grid Tied Inverter efficiently converts solar energy into electricity. Let's delve into the remarkable features that make our Solar Pump stand out.

Water Filter Maintenance
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