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A railway junction

Automation for Railways

Caliber takes pride in contributing to the transformation of the railway sector with our advanced automation solutions. Our collection of products, which includes Data Loggers, AC Controllers, and 1.5 KW Inverters, aims to simplify operations, enhance energy efficiency, and improve passenger comfort. With a strong dedication to innovation, dependability, and sustainability, we are honored to be your chosen collaborator in the journey to turn railways into intelligent, efficient, and environmentally conscious transportation networks.

Our Range of Railway Automation Products

Data Loggers:

Harness tailored insights for optimized railway operations by capturing and analyzing real-time operational data specific to train functions.

Railway Track

Data Loggers

What sets our Data Loggers apart in the railway industry is their exceptional ability to capture and analyze operational data tailored specifically to train operations. Unlike other sectors, railways have unique requirements, such as real-time monitoring of train speed, track conditions, and equipment health. Our specialized Data Loggers empower railway operators to make informed decisions, optimizing operational efficiency while prioritizing passenger safety throughout their journey.

Our AC Controllers are meticulously crafted to cater to the distinct needs of train compartments. Unlike other industries, where basic temperature control might suffice, the railway environment demands precise regulation that accounts for shifting external conditions and varying passenger loads. With our AC Controllers, passengers are guaranteed a comfortable journey, irrespective of the external climate, ensuring an enjoyable travel experience every time.

Subway Train

AC Controllers

A railway junction

I.5 KW Inverter

The standout feature of our 1.5 KW Inverters in the railway industry lies in their indispensable role in maintaining the functionality of critical systems during transit. Unlike sectors where power disruptions may not have severe repercussions, the railway industry heavily relies on uninterrupted power for essential functions like communication, safety, and control systems. Our top-tier inverters ensure trains continue to operate safely and efficiently, even in scenarios where the power supply faces challenges.

Avionics Engineering

Check out our other Smart Automation Solutions

Caliber proudly presents our Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs), merging technology and productivity to redefine efficiency across industries. With applications from manufacturing to healthcare, AMRs stand as versatile champions, while our custom blend of AMRs and Automated Guided Vehicles creates a hybrid solution, setting a new benchmark for operational precision.

robot-arm-picks-up-box-autonomous-AMR Hybrid robot
Robotic Arm

Step into the future with Caliber's Test Handler Robots, a pioneering semiconductor testing solution that seamlessly integrates computer vision, AI, machine learning, and advanced controls to optimize testing processes. With unparalleled accuracy driven by advanced computer vision and AI, and adaptable versatility through machine learning, these robots redefine semiconductor testing.

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