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HDI & ATE PCB Designs

The HDI design team is backed by a group of experts in electrical simulation, whose primary responsibility is to ensure that the design successfully addresses any critical signal concerns and operates efficiently. Our specialized PCB layout expertise in RF and mixed signal board design, combined with our proficiency in signal integrity and thermal analysis, offers unparalleled value to customers seeking comprehensive solutions for their PCB design process needs.

Services Synopsis

  At HDI Design, we're experts in electrical simulation, ensuring your designs conquer signal challenges and excel in efficiency. Our trusted PCB fab and assembly partnerships offer unparalleled support for prototypes to volume production. Specializing in RF and mixed signal layouts, combined with thermal and signal integrity expertise, we provide comprehensive solutions for your PCB design needs.

  We take full accountability for the complete board development cycle, from schematic development to delivering fully tested and certified assembled boards (PCA - Printed Circuit Assembly). Our expertise lies in handling tightly constrained, highly complex circuit boards for military applications, avionics, and processor motherboards, making us the ideal partner for those seeking to develop advanced, cutting-edge technology.


System level boards

Complex circuit boards integrating multiple components and subsystems to enable overall device functionality.

Technology advantage

We collaborate with top-tier PCB/Substrate manufacturers worldwide. Designed 110 layers (max count) PCB for memory testing. Engineered high density boards (HDI) with maximum 13 buildup layers on either side.

Reliable Processes

Our experts have perfected a dependable design and signal routing process, ensuring the prompt delivery of accurate designs with superior quality achieved right from the outset.

Mixed signal designs

Circuit designs that seamlessly combine analog and digital components to process both continuous and discrete signals effectively.

Interface Expertise

Designed versatile interfaces including 112 GigaByte Ethernet, com serdes, PCIe Gen5, LPDDR5, GDDR, MIPI Cphy, HDMI, USB, LVDS and so on. Ensured performance through simulation prior to prototype fabrication.

High voltage and high current designs

Specialized circuit designs capable of managing and controlling substantial electrical voltage or current levels for specific industrial or research applications.

Our Process

Caliber Interconnects provides top-notch solutions for Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design. Our end-to-end approach delivers competitive schedules and costs while meeting the given schematic and design inputs. We specialize in addressing the challenges associated with high-speed PCBs, including transmission line effects, electromagnetic interference (EMI), and crosstalk. Our proven board design processes and methodologies ensure the delivery of complex and high-quality PCB board designs.


Our Skills and Expertise

Image by Vishnu Mohanan

Our company takes pride in being an IPC member and having IPC certified designers. We have an extensive collection of footprint libraries that are compliant with both IEEE and IPC standards. Additionally, we have a dedicated engineering team that focuses solely on PCB layout verification and SI analysis. Our in-house software team extends the capabilities of our EDA tools by customizing scripts and automation tools. With the ability to scale up in a short time frame, we offer fast and quick turn designs. It is our responsibility to ensure that our products pass the EMI/EMC, vibration, and drop test qualification processes for product certification.

Advanced Electronic Solutions

Caliber Interconnects specializes in ATE PCB services for the electronics industry. Our skilled designers and advanced tools guarantee efficient, high-yield board production, meeting specific design and DFM requirements, enhancing testing capabilities and overall performance.

We excel in crafting resilient boards for temperatures ranging from 125°C up to 250°C, utilizing High Tg FR4 and polyimides. Offering fast Universal and Custom designs for prototypes and production, optimizing for cost-effective, high performance.

Caliber leads in EMS, Contract Manufacturing, and PCB Turnkey solutions, delivering exceptional value with advanced PCBs and expert engineering. Rapid prototyping and seamless production transitions ensure cost-efficient, collaborative success.

Step into our world of PCB CAM excellence! With precision and dedication, we meticulously prepare your circuit board designs for flawless manufacturing. Experience tailored CAM services crafted to elevate your PCB fabrication process.

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