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Smart Automation Solutions

At Caliber, we specialize in providing advanced automation solutions designed to transform industries. By seamlessly integrating state-of-the-art technology, our products not only optimize efficiency and minimize errors but also elevate productivity on a personal level. Caliber empowers you to unlock measurable cost savings and gain valuable insights from data, while experiencing effortless scalability that spans various industries.

Our Products

Caliber transforms industries with its cutting-edge Autonomous Mobile Robots, revolutionizes semiconductor testing through advanced Test Handler Robots, and contributes to India's Automation Industry with unique Railway solutions.

robot-arm-picks-up-box-autonomous cartesian robot

Caliber proudly presents our Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs), merging technology and productivity to redefine efficiency across industries. With applications from manufacturing to healthcare, AMRs stand as versatile champions, while our custom blend of AMRs and Automated Guided Vehicles creates a hybrid solution, setting a new benchmark for operational precision.

Robotic Arm

Step into the future with Caliber's Test Handler Robots, a pioneering semiconductor testing solution that seamlessly integrates computer vision, AI, machine learning, and advanced controls to optimize testing processes. With unparalleled accuracy driven by advanced computer vision and AI, and adaptable versatility through machine learning, these robots redefine semiconductor testing.

Railway Tracks

Caliber is dedicated to driving the evolution of the railway sector through our advanced automation solutions. Our array of offerings, encompassing Data Loggers, AC Controllers, and 1.5 KW Inverters, is geared towards streamlining operations, optimizing energy efficiency, elevating passenger comfort and to transform railways into intelligent, efficient, and environmentally conscious transportation networks.

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