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Image by Markus Spiske

AI-driven Analytics

Step into the forefront of innovation, where the combination of data and intelligence is changing whole industries. Our AI-powered analytics solutions smoothly bring together cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence with practical insights, giving you the ability to carefully watch over, predict, and improve processes with exceptional accuracy. Discover a realm of new possibilities through our transformative technology solutions that enhance efficiency, elevate decision-making, and pave the way for success by leveraging valuable information extracted from data.

Our Products

Caliber Interconnects presents three transformative solutions in the world of AI and Automation: KENVISION's AI-powered surveillance, ProFocus for employee well-being, and Farm Analytics for production-focused and precision agriculture.

Security Cameras

Caliber ushers in a new era in video surveillance with KENVISION. KENVISION unlocks AI potential, advancing surveillance analytics while ensuring rapid response and efficient data analysis. Driven by AI and advanced algorithms, it revolutionizes security, insights, and monitoring across industries. Offering precision real-time surveillance and unlocked AI potential, KENVISION reimagines surveillance.


Presenting ProFocus, a groundbreaking solution from Caliber Interconnect that transcends machine monitoring, prioritizing employee well-being and performance. Through advanced face recognition technology, ProFocus maintains privacy in remote work, empowering individuals to optimize their routines for enhanced mental clarity and productivity.

Harvesting Crop Field

Our pioneering Farm Analytics and Automation solution, revolutionizes crop nurturing and cultivation through data-driven precision. Discover the fusion of technology and cultivation that enhances plant well-being, elevates yields, and redefines the art of farming. Step into the forefront of agricultural innovation with our platform, where data-driven decisions and automation lead to unparalleled cultivation success.

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