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Farm Analytics and Automation

Caliber welcomes you to witness the birth of a new agricultural age, where technology and cultivation converge to shape the possibilities of modern farming. Join us on a groundbreaking journey with our Farm Analytics and Automation solution, redefining how crops are nurtured and cultivated for a more advanced approach to agriculture.


In the quest for excellence, precision is paramount. Our solution empowers you with the tools to meticulously validate the organic integrity of your plants. By intricately assessing soil pH levels and the utilization of fertilizers, you gain an unparalleled understanding of your crop's environment. This data-driven approach ensures that your cultivation endeavors align perfectly with the innate needs of your plants, fostering robust growth and optimal yields.

Redefining Precision through Automation:

Our Farm Analytics and Automation solution seamlessly orchestrates key
farming processes, effectively transforming your land into a realm of data-driven decisions. Bid farewell to the era of guesswork as you usher in an era of informed choices, guided by insights that illuminate your path towards unrivaled cultivation success.

Green Field
New Growth

Embrace real-time analytics and automation, transforming farming decisions.

Elevate plant well-being through advanced health analytics and personalized care strategies.

Validate plant organic integrity by assessing soil pH and fertilizer usage for precise cultivation.

Our Farm Analytics and Automation solution smoothly controls important farming steps, changing your land into a place of data-driven decisions.


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Caliber ushers in a new era in video surveillance with KENVISION. KENVISION unlocks AI potential, advancing surveillance analytics while ensuring rapid response and efficient data analysis. Driven by AI and advanced algorithms, it revolutionizes security, insights, and monitoring across industries. Offering precision real-time surveillance and unlocked AI potential, KENVISION reimagines surveillance.

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