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CCTV Camera


We, at Caliber, are thrilled to introduce you to KENVISION: an intersection of AI and advanced image-processing that's set to redefine surveillance. With a personalized approach, experience an elevation in security, insights, and tailored industry solutions. Join us on a journey where operational efficiency and intelligence, unique to your business, take center stage.

Security Cameras

CCTVs have revolutionized surveillance and ensured that anomalous incidents are detected. However, they are sometimes prone to human errors such as negligence or omission of certain occurrences. Our AI-powered, real-time smart video security surveillance solution ensures effective surveillance round the clock, without the laborious efforts of manual monitoring. Our system is assured of detecting anomalous
activities anywhere around it and alerting the designated authorities about potential threats instantly.

Universal Compatibility:

KENVISION breaks hardware barriers, working with cameras of any brand or make.

Security Camera

Futuristic Hardware:

New hardware features color correction and crop-to-zoom

Data Processing

Wired and Wireless Integration:

Deploy cameras using wired and wireless IoT


Enhanced Clarity:

Up to 30 MP clarity ensures precise anomaly detection.


Advanced Biometrics:

Real-time facial and gait recognition enhance biometric monitoring.

Discover KENVISION, the epitome of smart AI-powered intelligent video surveillance solutions. Whether for small, medium, or large installations, KENVISION identifies critical and hazardous events, ensuring swift responses to potential threats. Witness the evolution of surveillance – experience KENVISION's impact today.

KEN database - dashboard

Amplified AI: Enhance existing surveillance without discarding the current system.

Scalability: Designed for easy scaling, accommodating future device additions.

Brand Agnostic: Seamlessly connect with wired and wireless cameras of various

Data Efficiency: Reduce cloud data load.

Intelligent Escalation: Enable auto escalation based on incident criticality.

Swift Event Recognition: Accelerate identifying key events.


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