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IC Packaging

Caliber Interconnects is one of the leading providers of IC package design services for various sectors such as the communication, computing, consumer & automotive industries. Our services include flip-chip, wire bond, stacked-die, System-in-Package (SiP), Package-on-Package (PoP), Package-in-Package (PiP), Chip-Scale-Package (CSP), Chiplet designs & QFN assembly services.

We at Caliber provide different types of IC packages and vertical space transformers (MLO/MLC/LTCC/hybrid-interconnection substrates) for ATE testing applications, high-speed digital package of ICs, mixed-signal ICs and RFIC products. Our engineers have a high degree of expertise in signal integrity and power integrity analysis with a strong capability to perform Simultaneous Switching Noise (SSN) SI/PI simulations and parasitic package extractions. Using the latest Ansys, we also perform system-level SI timing analysis and power integrity optimization. We coordinate with the assembly house and substrate foundry to achieve the right substrate the first time and also make strict adherence to assembly specifications. Our process includes the validation of design for fab house DFM specification with our experienced CAM team.

Our Strengths

 Advanced Tools

  • SIP4150SPB Allegro

  • SIP226SPB APD SiP layout option


 Design/Analysis and Layout Teams 

  • More than 1250+ package designs successfully completed

  • Layer count from 1-2-1 for Wirebond, 8-2-8 for flipchip up to 15-24-15 for MLO and 58 ceramic layers for MLC designs

  • Low cost 4 layers laminates

  • Multi layer ceramic designs


 Cost-Effective and Timely Completion  

  • Lead Time 1 to 3 weeks from frozen netlist based on complexity



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Our Specialties

  • Design Tools: Mentor and Allegro package designer, Cadence Sigrity tools and Altium designer

  • Thermal and Mechanical Aspects of Package Design

  • Flip-chip BGA, wire-bond BGA, Chiplet designs, Stacked die packages, CSP, PoP, PiP, MLO/MLC package for ATE hardware

  • SiP design for various applications including cellular, Bluetooth, WLAN, GPS, camera, PDA, and CMOS sensor

  • Early-stage SI & PI analysis and optimization

  • IC/Package/Board co-design flow

  • SSN analysis based on SI/PI, co-design flow using SPICE netlist

  • Package RLC extraction & package model generation for SI/PI analysis

  • Power integrity and decoupling cap optimization

  • Thermal & mechanical design

Our Capabilities

High-Speed Design and Analysis Services

  • SiP designs

  • Flipchip and Wirebond designs

  • Chiplet designs

  • Stacked die packages

  • Multi-Chip Modules (MCMs) designs

  • MLO/MLC/Coreless/Hybrid Substrate designs, Interposers for probe cards designs

  • Chip Scale Package designs

  • LTCC & HTCC designs

  • Specialized in design services for medical and defense sectors

Key Highlights of Our Services

Caliber Probe card service

Probe Cards

multi chip modules

Multi - chip modules

Caliber stacked die


Caliber system in packages

System in Packages

Multi layer package design

Multi-layer package design

Image by Anne Nygård

Chip-Scale-Package (CSP) & QFN Assembly Services

MLO/MLC substrate design

MLO/MLC substrate designs

Image by Vishnu Mohanan

Flipchip and Wirebond 

Image by Denny Müller

Package-on-Package (PoP), Package-in-Package (PiP)

Frame 49.png

Tool Expertise:


We have expertise in the following tools:

- Cadence APD, PCB Editor-Cadence SIP

- Autocad for POD & Mechanical drawings

- CAM 350 and Genesis for validating gerbers

- Mentor Expedition up to 2.14

- In-house tools & skills

- Altium designer

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