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Robotic Handler

We, at Caliber, present a glimpse into the future of electronics through our revolutionary
semiconductor testing solutions. Our advanced Robotic Handler efficiently
combine computer vision, machine learning, AI, and advanced controls to optimize
testing processes. These robots delicately handle each chip, adapting with precision
and learning from each iteration.

Key Advantages

Excellence in Precision:

Our technology combines advanced computer vision and AI to attain an exceptional level of accuracy in sorting. This precision-driven approach
minimizes errors and establishes a foundation of consistent, dependable results.

Coding Station

Continuous Learning for Efficiency:

These robots are outfitted with cutting-edge machine-learning algorithms. This equips them to learn and adapt to every testing cycle, progressively refining their testing techniques and greatly improving
operational efficiency over time.

Robotic Arm

AI-Enhanced Process Optimization:

Seamlessly integrating advanced AI
capabilities and state-of-the-art controls, our Robotic Handler autonomously
identify anomalies, troubleshoot issues, and even foresee potential problems. This
advanced process optimization substantially reduces disruptions and elevates overall operational efficiency.

Image by Piron Guillaume

Sustainability and Quality Assurance:

By optimizing testing procedures and
minimizing errors, our robots play a pivotal role in promoting sustainability within
electronics manufacturing. Our commitment to quality mirrors industry trends and echoes our responsibility to the environment.

Avionics Engineering

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