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ATE PCBs Services

Caliber Interconnects is your reliable partner for innovative design and routing solutions tailored to ATE (Automated Test Equipment) test interface boards. Our specialized team of designers works closely with your engineering experts, meticulously following your design and DFM (Design for Manufacturability) guidelines. With an unwavering commitment to delivering superior quality, we guarantee the efficient and prompt development of high-yield ATE boards.

Our Expertise

Proven Experience

Our highly experienced team has successfully collaborated with leading test board and ATE IC test system vendors, guaranteeing a deep understanding of the intricacies involved.

Signal Integrity Assurance

Each ATE board undergoes rigorous electrical analysis to guarantee optimal signal integrity. Our hand-performed signal routing takes into account critical factors like PCB stack-up, distance to reference planes, and power-to-ground configurations, meticulously minimizing crosstalk and distortion.

Specialized Designs


We specialize in crafting boards for various ATE templates, harnessing the capabilities of diverse EDA design tools to provide high-yield design solutions.

Enhanced Performance

Our designs are characterized by lower inductance and higher signal strength, translating into exceptional performance.

Load boards and Probecards for semiconductor testing

Interface boards designed to test and evaluate semiconductor devices' performance and functionality during manufacturing.


With proficiency across popular tester platforms, we have successfully managed over 10000 test board designs, ensuring quick turnarounds.



We are well-versed in working with major ATE board fab houses and specs, as well as leading probe card assembly houses.


Our remarkable capability allows us to route a staggering 40000 nets in just 2 days for memory probe cards.


We excel in designing probecards with tailored in-house signal integrity analysis capabilities.


In addition to memory probe cards, bench probecards, we excel in designing RF probe cards and load boards.

Board Design Capabilities

 Precise Placement and Routing  

We offer placement and routing services for various board types, ensuring meticulous impedance and length matching for precise testing.


 Prototype Design  

Driven by machine learning, our robot possesses the finesse to adeptly manage a wide array of components. This adaptability positions it within any testing environment, guaranteeing a harmonious fit.


 Probe Card Specialization  

From epoxy cantilever to blade, WLP (Wafer-Level Packaging), and vertical contact probe cards, including COBRA probe cards, we cover a wide spectrum of probe card types.


 Versatile Testing  

Our specialization spans low power and high-speed testing for digital, analog, mixed-signal, and RF devices. We employ high-speed layout techniques to minimize distortion, delays, and noise.


 Materials Selection  

Rigorous material selection ensures our boards exhibit lower inductance and higher signal strength.


 Industry Insight  

We possess comprehensive knowledge about test sockets, probers, handlers, and docking systems, offering support for various tester platforms such as Verigy, Advantest, Teradyne, LTX-Credence, Yokogawa, and more.


Board Design Experience


Signal Integrity Focus

Our design process prioritizes signal integrity, adhering to IPC standards like IPC-2221, -2222, -2223, and IPC-7351.


Manufacturing Expertise


We are well-versed in various manufacturing processes, including DFM (Design for Manufacturing), DFA (Design for Assembly), DFT (Design for Test), and ICT (In-Circuit Test).


Precision Integration

Precision analog and mixed signal integration, coupled with edge-coupled and tandem differential pairs, ensures exceptional results. We pay meticulous attention to skew matching based on signal rise time.


Optimized Stack-Up

Our board stack-up is optimized, featuring controlled impedance for micro stripline, stripline, and dual stripline stackups. We  employ advanced routing techniques, including blind and buried vias, micro-via and via-less routing, constraint-driven placement, and routing.

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Tester Types:


We cater to a wide array of tester platforms such as:

- Verigy- Eagle- Teradyne- LTX/Credence

- Advantest- Mosaid- National Instruments

- Inovys- Yokogawa- Minato

- Ando- Semiplex- Teseda. 

Advanced Board Design

Image by Brian Wangenheim

Our vast experience includes designing probecards for diverse applications, earning us repeat business requests from leading probecard vendors worldwide.


Designing probecards with high pin counts and densities demands meticulous attention to detail, with routing signal and ground traces typically accounting for over 50% of the total design time. Achieving board planarity and precise trace length matching require significant manpower.

Customized EDA Tools Extension

Caliber Interconnects excels in addressing challenges by extending EDA (Electronic Design Automation) tools with customized capabilities.

In-House Software Innovation

Our in-house software team has developed intelligent tools and utilities, streamlining the design process and enabling fast turnarounds

Rapid Trace Routing

We possess the capability to route 2000 traces in a day, ensuring that we meet even the most demanding customer timelines efficiently.

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Our Strengths

  • Our team includes highly skilled and experienced professionals, and we have access to extensive libraries and ATE templates

  •  We are experts in using EDA tools and can customize them to meet specific project needs

  •  We have developed our own software tools to streamline the design and layout process

  •  We can route up to 20000 nets per day

  •  Our interactive design environment includes video and web conferencing for seamless collaboration

  •  All critical load boards undergo thorough simulation

  •  Our test and application engineers verify all deliveries for quality assurance

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