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Image by Vishnu Mohanan

Burn-in Boards

Caliber Interconnects is a premier design and manufacturing partner, specializing in advanced burn-in board designs. Our comprehensive proficiency spans BIB (Burn-In Board) layout design, burn-in board design, universal boards, and more. We carefully select materials and components, aligning them with test requirements, ensuring every specification is met while optimizing costs.

Our Expertise

Tailored to High Temperatures

We excel in designing burn-in boards capable of withstanding extreme temperatures, ranging from 125°C to 250°C. We employ materials like High Tg FR4 and special polyimides, chosen based on your specific test temperature needs.

Versatile Design Options

We offer both Universal board designs and Custom specific designs, and our turnaround time is quick. Our team is experienced in handling boards of all sizes, with versatile complexities, including BGA, LGA, QFP, DIP, custom sockets, and multiple layers, for both prototypes and production.

End-to-End Expertise

Our broad knowledge across the product development cycle allows us to understand all the requirements, including dielectric material choices, soldering and assembling materials, required plating thickness and material combinations, and more. This results in faster delivery cycles throughout the development process.

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