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Electrical Circuit

3-Phase Relay

Caliber presents a proactive solution with our 3-phase voltage monitor. Constantly overseeing voltage levels across all phases, it triggers a trip if deviations from tailored thresholds occur. The phase monitoring relay adds extra protection, alerting against phase imbalances. This system safeguards your equipment by supervising the three-phase line and providing LED fault indications for accurate diagnostics.

Why Our 3-Phase Relay Leads the Way

Protects Your Equipment:

Constantly monitors
the three-phase electrical line and protects the occurrence of faults, it'll provide LED indication to identify the type of fault.


Emergency Rooms

Proactive Voltage Monitoring:

The 3-phase voltage monitor operates proactively to prevent potential issues.

Image by Jair Lázaro

Constant Voltage Oversight:

The 3-Phase Monitoring Relay continuously monitors the voltage levels of all three phases.

Image by Piron Guillaume

Voltage Deviation Response:

The monitor is programmed to trigger a trip mechanism if any phase's voltage exceeds or falls below predetermined thresholds.

Image by Marcelo Leal

Phase Imbalance Protection:

The Phase monitoring system can be configured to activate if the phase difference between any two phases exceeds a set value.

Operation Room

Fault Identification:

In case of a fault, LED indications are provided to accurately identify the nature of the detected fault.

Avionics Engineering

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