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Water Sprinkler

Solar Pump

Welcome to a world where water pumping meets renewable energy. Our Solar Pump is a revolutionary solution designed to provide efficient and sustainable water pumping for various applications. Operating solely on solar energy, our Solar Pump brings you a range of benefits without the need for technical complexity.

The Future of Water Pumping is Solar Power

Solar-Powered Efficiency:

Our Solar Pump utilizes the abundant energy of the sun to drive water pumping systems. Embrace clean and renewable power for your water needs, reducing your carbon footprint in the process.

Emergency Rooms

Proactive Voltage Monitoring:

Crafted to endure challenging conditions, our Solar Pump is built for longevity. Its robust design ensures consistent operation, even in the face of harsh weather and environmental factors.

Image by Jair Lázaro

Safety and Reliability:

Our Solar Pump prioritizes your safety and offers reliable performance. With built-in protection mechanisms, you can trust that your water pumping system will operate securely and efficiently.

Image by Piron Guillaume

User-Friendly Design:

Featuring an intuitive Human-Machine Interface (HMI), our Solar Pump puts control in your hands. Effortlessly manage your water pumping requirements without the need for technical expertise.

Image by Piron Guillaume

Integration Made Easy:

Our Solar Pump's efficiency extends beyond water pumping. It can contribute surplus energy back to your grid system, minimizing waste and maximizing your investment.

Avionics Engineering

Check out our other Industrial Applications

The 3-phase voltage monitor by Caliber, proactively prevents issues by constantly watching voltage across all phases. If any phase strays from tailored thresholds, a trip is activated. Additionally, the phase monitoring relay adds extra protection by alerting if phase differences exceed a threshold. It safeguards equipment by supervising the three-phase line and provides LED fault indications.

Image by Fayas S

Central to cutting-edge railway infrastructure, our 1.5 KW Inverters are pivotal in maintaining critical systems during transit. Unlike less power-dependent industries, railways require constant power for communication, safety, and control systems. With unwavering reliability, our top-tier inverters ensure seamless operations, even in the face of power fluctuations, ensuring uninterrupted safety and efficiency.

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