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Image by Jonas Svidras

HDI & ATE PCB Designs

The HDI design team is backed by a group of experts in electrical simulation, whose primary responsibility is to ensure that the design successfully addresses any critical signal concerns and operates efficiently. Our specialized PCB layout expertise in RF and mixed signal board design, combined with our proficiency in signal integrity and thermal analysis, offers unparalleled value to customers seeking comprehensive solutions for their PCB design process needs.


At HDI Design, we're experts in electrical simulation, ensuring your designs conquer signal challenges and excel in efficiency. Our trusted PCB fab and assembly partnerships offer unparalleled support for prototypes to volume production. Specializing in RF and mixed signal layouts, combined with thermal and signal integrity expertise, we provide comprehensive solutions for your PCB design needs.

We take full accountability for the complete board development cycle, from schematic development to delivering fully tested and certified assembled boards (PCA - Printed Circuit Assembly). Our expertise lies in handling tightly constrained, highly complex circuit boards for military applications, avionics, and processor motherboards, making us the ideal partner for those seeking to develop advanced, cutting-edge technology.

Image by Anne Nygård

System level boards

Complex circuit boards integrating multiple components and subsystems to enable overall device functionality.

88 layers probecard

88 Layers Probecard

An advanced probing interface containing 88 layers, crucial for precise testing and analysis of intricate semiconductor components.

Image by Anne Nygård

Load boards and Probecards for semiconductor testing

Interface boards designed to test and evaluate semiconductor devices' performance and functionality during manufacturing.

Image by Vishnu Mohanan

Mixed signal designs

Circuit designs that seamlessly combine analog and digital components to process both continuous and discrete signals effectively.

Image by Vishnu Mohanan

64 Layer Loadboard

A highly intricate test interface board with 64 layers, used to assess semiconductor devices' capabilities across various parameters.

Image by Maxence Pira

High voltage and high current designs

Specialized circuit designs capable of managing and controlling substantial electrical voltage or current levels for specific industrial or research applications.

Our Process

Caliber Interconnects provides top-notch solutions for Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design. Our end-to-end approach delivers competitive schedules and costs while meeting the given schematic and design inputs. We specialize in addressing the challenges associated with high-speed PCBs, including transmission line effects, electromagnetic interference (EMI), and crosstalk. Our proven board design processes and methodologies ensure the delivery of complex and high-quality PCB board designs.


Our Skills and Expertise

Advantages: As IPC members, we offer certified designers, compliant libraries, and in-house software customization. Fast turn designs, product certification, and verification are our priorities.

Technology Experience: We're well-versed in HDMI, LVDS, USB, SATA, PCIe, DDR, QDR-SRAM, and more, with speeds up to 30 Gbps.

Board Design Skills: From high-speed digital to RF and mixed-signal circuits, our skilled designers excel in various domains. Controlled impedance, precision analog, and RF/microwave expertise ensure quality results.

PCB Library Management

Our library management adheres to IPC standards and client specs. Symbol library creation, footprint maintenance, and 3D modeling are all part of our service.

Advanced Electronic Solutions

Caliber Interconnects offers top-notch ATE (Automated Test Equipment) PCB services tailored to the needs of the electronics industry. Our skilled designers and advanced tools ensure the efficient and reliable creation of high-yield ATE boards, meeting your specific design and DFM (Design for Manufacturability) requirements. Count on us for ATE PCB solutions that enhance your testing capabilities and overall performance.

We specialize in designing burn-in boards capable of withstanding temperatures from 125°C to 250°C. We expertly select materials like High Tg FR4 and special polyimides to ensure superior performance. Our solutions include Universal and Custom designs, offering quick turnarounds for prototypes and production. We optimize materials and processes for cost-effective, high-performance results.

We, at Caliber, lead in EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services), Contract Manufacturing, and PCB Turnkey solutions. With a strong track record, we bridge the gap from idea to product, delivering exceptional value. Our advanced PCBs and expert engineering exceed industry standards, empowering your core operations. We provide swift prototype turnarounds and seamless high-volume production transitions. Count on us for cost-efficient, collaborative solutions that drive success.

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