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Caliber Signal Integrity

Signal Integrity

Signal Integrity (SI) is a critical aspect of electronic design, especially for high-frequency and fast-switching interconnects. At Caliber, we specialize in SI theory and simulation tools to ensure the accuracy of designs from the outset. Our comprehensive analysis of SI encompasses various key considerations.

Our Expertise

Impedance Mismatch and Reflections

We meticulously dissect impedance mismatches and their telltale reflections, safeguarding your signals from distortion and degradation.

Crosstalk Analysis

Like a conductor in a symphony, we evaluate crosstalk, ensuring that signals on one channel harmonize without disrupting their neighbors, eliminating data errors and noise.

Signal Attenuation

We decode the language of signal attenuation caused by factors like IR-drop, skin effect, and dielectric loss, preserving the integrity of your signals.

EYE Diagrams

Our scrutiny extends to jitter analysis & bit error rates in EYE diagrams, guaranteeing the stability of your electronic systems.

Services in SI

IC Package Simulations

Complete S-parameter Analysis

Board and System Level SI


Socket and Probe Modelling

Equalization Tuning for CTLE, FFE and DFE units


Caliber Sigrity

Cadence Sigrity

Keysight caliber ADS

Keysight ADS

Siemens hyperlynx caliber tools

Siemens Hyperlynx

ansys-siwave  caliber tools

Ansys Siwave


Ansys HFSS

Synopsis Caliber Tools


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