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Power Integrity Caliber

Power Integrity

In the intricate world of electronic design, achieving impeccable Power Integrity (PI) is a non-negotiable element, especially in the presence of high-frequency and fast-switching interconnects. Caliber stands as your trusted partner, wielding extensive expertise in both Signal Integrity (SI) and Power Integrity (PI), to ensure the precision and reliability of your designs from the outset.

Power Integrity Analysis

Our journey into the heart of PI commences with an all-encompassing analysis that spans IC package/substrate and board levels, covering both pre-layout and post-layout stages.

In the post-layout phase, we plunge deep into the intricate web of your routed board, employing meticulous simulations to unveil potential pitfalls. These challenges encompass:

DC/IR Drop

AC Droop

PDN Impedence

Parasitic RLG

Loop Inductance


Our seasoned experts then craft a comprehensive post-layout report, teeming with tailored recommendations for:

  • Topology Adjustments

  • Capacitor Schemes

  • Layout Refinements

All harmonized to perfection for an optimal blend of signal and power integrity.


Caliber Cadence Sigrity Tools

Cadence Sigrity

Caliber Keysight ADS Tools

Keysight ADS

Hyperlynx Caliber Hyperlynx Tools

Siemens Hyperlynx

Caliber ansys-siwave

Ansys Siwave


Ansys HFSS

Caliber tool HSPICE


Caliber SYS942


Caliber SIGR302


Caliber tool SYS103

Siemens Hyperlynx

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