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Image by Arseny Togulev

Smart AI Ventilator: MAXPRAN

Caliber presents the Smart AI Integrated Ventilator - MAXPRAN, ushering in a new era of respiratory care. This advanced device transforms the realm of invasive and non-invasive treatments, offering unparalleled versatility and ease of use. Its precise functionality and adaptability across diverse clinical scenarios signify a substantial leap forward in the field of healthcare.

Ventilation Modes of Maxpran

Volume Control: 

Deliver precise tidal volumes for optimal lung support.

Emergency Rooms

Intelligent Monitoring:

Maxpran automatically monitors vital
organs and adjusts pressure to ensure optimal respiratory function. It analyzes the respiratory process, including parameters like ECG,
alerting healthcare personnel to any deviations in breathing patterns.

Image by Jair Lázaro

Versatile Functionality:

It has a wide range of operating modes, from
invasive to non-invasive spontaneous modes. It accommodates both adult and
pediatric patients, making it an adaptable solution for diverse clinical needs.

Image by Piron Guillaume

Innovative Design:

Designed as an articulated-piston type stand-alone compressor,
Maxpran operates with dry filtered air and integrates an in-built programmable
ultrasonic nebulizer. Its modular, portable design facilitates seamless integration into
critical care settings.

Image by Marcelo Leal

Uninterrupted Care:

Maxpran ensures uninterrupted care with its stand-alone
compressor, capable of continuous operation for 4 to 5 days. A built-in battery backup
provides an additional 2 hours of operation, ensuring consistent support even during
power fluctuations.

Operation Room

Advanced Data Management:

It has a cloud database management that
securely stores patient data, enabling healthcare providers to access historical
information, alarm histories, and self-test results. This comprehensive data
management enhances clinical decision-making.

monitors vital organ

Automatically monitors vitalorgans and adjusts pressure to ensure optimal respiratory function.

Uninterrupted care

Uninterrupted care - capable of continuous operation for 4 to 5 days.

wide range of operating modes

A wide range of operating modes, frominvasive to non-invasive.

cloud database management

Cloud database management that securely stores patient data.

portable design

Its modular, portable design facilitates seamless integration intocritical care settings.

Diagnosis data management

This comprehensive data management enhances clinical decision-making and diagnosis.

Hospital Bed
KEN Health

KEN Health, where precision meets innovation to redefine healthcare analytics. Our AI- driven platform empowers healthcare professionals by swiftly identifying anomalies from IoT sensors, streamlining data transmission, and expediting critical event detection.

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