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Hospital Hall

KEN Health

Welcome to KEN Health, where the fusion of precision and innovation redefines healthcare analytics. Our AI-powered platform empowers healthcare professionals by swiftly pinpointing anomalies from IoT sensors, streamlining data transmission, and expediting the detection of critical events.

Swift Anomaly Detection:

KEN Health excels in identifying anomalies from IoT
sensors, ensuring timely intervention and enhanced patient safety.

Swift anomaly detection
precise pulse reading

Precise Pulse Readings: 

Accurate, consistent pulse
readings, detecting subtle changes swiftly .

Telemedicine advancement

Telemedicine Advancement: 

Enhances telemedicine with accurate pulse
data and remote patient assessments.


Non-Invasive Objectivity: Eliminating biases, objective assessments and consistent interpretations. 

AI-efficient triage

Efficient Triage: In emergencies, KEN Health's pulse analysis aids rapid assessment,
optimizing resource allocation.

wearable- remote monitoring

Remote Monitoring: Integrated into wearables, AI pulse reading enables continuous
remote monitoring,

Piggy Bank

Cost-Effective Care: Swift, accurate pulse readings reduce unnecessary procedures
and follow-up visits, driving cost savings.

Emergency Rooms

Effortless Summaries:

KEN Health's AI algorithms swiftly process medical records,
providing comprehensive summaries for informed decision-making.

Image by Jair Lázaro

Time Efficiency:

Manual summarization is streamlined, saving valuable time for
healthcare professionals, leading to enhanced patient care.

Image by Piron Guillaume

Enhanced Insurance Processing:

Standardized summaries simplify insurance
processing, ensuring accurate information and smoother procedures.

Image by Marcelo Leal

Scalable Efficiency:

KEN Health scales seamlessly, offering cost-effective solutions
for healthcare organizations of all sizes.

Operation Room

Continuous Learning:

With ongoing improvement, KEN Health's AI algorithms
adapt and refine, enhancing capabilities through user feedback.

Hospital Bed
SMart AI Integrated Ventilator

Discover the Maxpran Smart AI Integrated Ventilator – a step forward in respiratory care. This advanced device is designed for both invasive and non-invasive treatments, offering precision and adaptability for various medical situations. Maxpran simplifies respiratory care for everyone by streamlining complex processes.

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