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Embedded Product

We offer end-to-end product engineering solutions to leading companies, service providers, and start-ups. Our embedded engineering experts possess expertise in embedded hardware, software, PCB design, and mechanical design, allowing us to provide unique and innovative technological solutions from product design to production.

Hardware Development

Architecture and concept creation

Circuit design

Components engineering

Schematics and PCB design

Prototyping and manufacturing

Our Services

Design Specializations

-Electric vehicle EV charger boards -High-speed boards: PCI express, gigabit ethernet, DDR4, etc. -Single board computers, sensors, gateways -RF & automotive radar boards -Railways: AC coach controller, input/output boards -Power & mixed signals: IGBTs, MOSFETs, high-speed signals

Firmware/Software Expertise

-Bare-metal MCU firmware -RTOS, embedded Linux drivers -Linux networking software framework -Radar data capture engine -DSP algorithms -Board-level diagnostics -Real-time system software -Connectivity/IoT firmware

Product Development

-From concept to delivery -Holistic hardware design -Conceptualization, component selection, schematics, PCB design, SI/PI analysis -Firmware development, software, FPGA programming, logic development -Proto boards -Fabrication and assembly -Seamless hardware and software integration -Mechanical design -Rigorous product testing -Compliance testing

Check out our other embedded solutions

We offer tailored embedded application software solutions for interconnected IoT devices, leveraging our expertise in sensor technologies and wireless communication to deliver across platforms.

Our team demonstrates outstanding proficiency, prioritizing power efficiency, memory optimization, and advanced features. With dedicated architects, we ensure software readiness for future demands.

We excel in utilizing FPGAs to drive your projects to success. Renowned for their versatility and adaptability, FPGAs empower rapid prototyping and customization of digital circuits without the need for specialized hardware.

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