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Micro Chip

Embedded Firmware Solutions

Discover the true power of hardware through its seamless integration with intelligent embedded software. This synergy unlocks an array of powerful resources, propelling technology to new heights.

At Caliber, we recognize the paramount importance of embedded software. Our architects and engineers are dedicated to embracing innovative techniques that ensure software is not only efficient in power consumption but also optimized in memory usage, feature-rich, and prepared for the future.

Key Solutions 

Firmware for Low Power Micro-controllers

We specialize in crafting firmware for low-power micro-controllers, maximizing efficiency while maintaining peak performance.

BSP and Drivers

Our expertise extends to creating robust Board Support Packages (BSP) and drivers, optimizing hardware-software interactions.

Sensors, I/Os, Peripherals, and Communication Protocols

Our solutions encompass intricate firmware development for sensors, I/Os, peripherals, and various communication protocols, enhancing functionality and connectivity.

RTOS and Linux Solutions

We offer Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) and Linux solutions to ensure real-time responsiveness and versatile compatibility.

Firmware for Connectivity Chipsets

Dive into the world of seamless connectivity with our firmware solutions for chipsets, including Bluetooth Low Energy, Zigbee, GPRS, LoRa, and more.

Middleware and Frameworks

Elevate your projects with our middleware and frameworks, streamlining development processes and enhancing overall performance.

IP Development Solutions

Leverage our Intellectual Property (IP) development solutions to add unique features and functionalities to your hardware-software integration.

Porting and Migration of Legacy Software

Effortlessly transition from legacy systems with our porting and migration services, ensuring continuity while embracing innovation.

Check out our other embedded solutions

We thrive in global product delivery, leveraging tech prowess to meet diverse sector needs. Our accelerated design cycles and expertise keep clients ahead in IoT, wearables, automotive, and more.

We offer tailored embedded application software solutions for interconnected IoT devices, leveraging our expertise in sensor technologies and wireless communication to deliver across platforms.

We excel in utilizing FPGAs to drive your projects to success. Renowned for their versatility and adaptability, FPGAs empower rapid prototyping and customization of digital circuits without the need for specialized hardware.

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