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Electric Car Charger

Electric Vehicle Charging

Cogency power products enable the scalable deployment of ultra-fast electric vehicle charging – in a fraction of the time and cost it would take for conventional charging solutions. The unique combination of battery technology, power conversion technology, and software provides retail, fleet, utility, and municipal customers a flexible and fully integrated solution that lowers costs, optimizes electric vehicle charging, and unlocks energy services to lower energy bills and increase resiliency.

Providing Ample Charging Stations

To address the increasing demand from electric vehicles seeking charging infrastructure, our innovative solution, Cogency, is dedicated to bridging this gap.

Vehicle Charging Stations

Excess Utilization

Utilizing surplus energy by feeding it back into the grid not only promotes sustainability but also contributes to a more resilient and efficient energy infrastructure, fostering a greener and more cost-effective energy ecosystem for communities and economies alike

Electric Car Charging Station

Effortless Integration

Featuring a spectrum of charging technologies, these stations offer a versatile and adaptable approach to electric vehicle charging. Their modular design not only facilitates scalability but also ensures effortless integration with a diverse range of charging technologies.

Solar Panel Roof

Network of Power

Efficiently access our widespread network of Charging Stations via the user-friendly Cogency app. This intuitive platform empowers EV owners to conveniently pinpoint the nearest Charging Spot, streamlining the process and enhancing the overall charging experience.


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Our Solar Smart Grid Inverter is an efficient, sustainable product that ranks high in safety standards, seamlessly channels surplus power into the grid, and has remarkable resilience even in the harshest of climates. With a commanding 12 KW capacity, this inverter stands as the definitive solution to propel us into a greener and more promising future.

Solar smart grid tied inverter

At Caliber, our focus extends beyond offering EV charging stations for the future of Electric Vehicles. Our expertise in precision-engineered EV motors and state-of-the-art controllers not only addresses the industry's critical needs but also propels India's electric mobility revolution, promoting domestic excellence, innovation, reliability, and customization.

Image by Patrick Langwallner
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