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Electricity Grid

Solar Smart Grid Inverter

Unleash innovation with our 12 KW Solar Smart Grid Inverter, achieving an unmatched 98% efficiency. From residential to micro-grid applications, experience elevated solar power with maximum returns and cutting-edge safety.

The Pinnacle of Efficiency

Introducing our 12 KW Solar Smart Grid Inverter. Convert solar panel DC to AC with an exceptional 98% efficiency.

solar grid panel safety measures


Meeting stringent safety standards, its ARM core-based controller employs advanced algorithms for precise MPPT, grid sync, and protection

Solar Panels


Specifically designed
for Indian conditions, with IP65 protection
class for durability
in harsh environments

Solar Panels on Trees


Low Total Harmonic
Distortion (THD) for
high power quality and 3-level inverter
topology for superior
energy efficiency

input ranges versatile

Wide input voltage
ranges for versatile

data-analytics_maximum power point

Maximum Power Point
Tracking (MPPT) for
optimized energy

battery-eco_3 level inverter

3-level inverter
topology for superior
energy efficiency

tablet_digital display

Digital display with
fault indication for
easy monitoring

safety_standards En/IEC

Adherence to EN/IEC
62109-1 and EN/IEC
62109-2 grid safety

international grid

Compliance with
international grid
integration standards


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In the landscape of electric vehicle (EV) charging, Cogency Power products pave the way for rapid and widespread deployment of ultra-fast EV charging infrastructure. Unlike traditional charging solutions that are both time-consuming and expensive to implement, Cogency Power's approach redefines the norm.

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Image by Patrick Langwallner

At Caliber, our focus extends beyond offering EV charging stations for the future of Electric Vehicles. Our expertise in precision-engineered EV motors and state-of-the-art controllers not only addresses the industry's critical needs but also propels India's electric mobility revolution, promoting domestic excellence, innovation, reliability, and customization.

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