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Our team delivers high- quality Printed Circuit Board Design (PCB design) for the given schema and design inputs on an aggressive schedule for a competitive cost. Our end-end solution-driven design approach resolves issues encountered in designing high-speed PCBs of fast switching high clock speeds. Our proven board design processes and methodologies enable us to deliver the complex PCB board design on time to our customers. Our experienced board designers have extensive knowledge in solving issues like transmission line effect, EMI, and Crosstalk.

The HDI design team is supported by a team of electrical simulation specialists who ensures that the design overcomes all critical signal issues to function effectively. We have long - term relationship with a selected group of PCB fab and assembly houses to support the prototype and volume requirements. In addition to fab and assembly, our specialized PCB layout skills in RF and mixed signal board designing combined with Signal Integrity and Thermal Analysis add value to customers looking for one-stop solutions for their PCB design requirements. We take the total accountability for the complete board development cycle from schematic development to delivering the tested assembled boards (PCA - Printed Circuit Assembly) with the required approvals and certifications. Our specialty is in the handling tight constrained high complex circuit boards for military applications, avionics, and processor mother boards.

  • Schematic Development and Schematic capturing.
  • HDI & RF Layout services.
  • PCB Board Manufacturing and PCB Assembly support.
  • Component/PCB Footprint Library development and management.
Board Design skills
  • Expertise in high-speed digital, RF, and mixed-signal PCB design.
  • High-speed backplane PCB.
  • Controlled Impedance board design/Controlled Delay matching board design.
  • Precision analog and mixed-signal board design.
  • RF and microwave design skills.
  • Microvia design, constraint - driven placement, and routing.
  • Circuit board design as per IPC/MIL standards.
  • High-speed PCB designs involving multi-gigabit Series.
  • Design of low power consuming boards using power management techniques.
  • ROHS compliance design.
  • HDI layout designs with Micro vias.
  • High-speed Multilayer PCB with BGA and FBGA designs.
  • Flexible PCB design (FPCB).
Technologies Exposed
  • High - speed USB.
  • SPI-4.
  • Ramus RDRAM.
  • Serial ATA.
  • Rapid IO.
  • High - speed SERDES.
  • Ethernet PHY.
  • PCI, PCI-e.
  • Backplane connectors upto 30gbps.
Design Tools
  • Cadence concept HDL and Allegro.
  • Zuken CR5000.
  • Cadvance.
  • Orcad Capture.
  • Mentor Design Capture, DX designer, Expedition.
  • Mentor Powerlogic, PowerPCB.
  • Zuken CADSTAR.
  • Altium Protel and Pcad.
Caliber Advantages
  • Caliber is in the design business over 10 years.
  • IPC member and have IPC certified designers.
  • Extensive collection of footprint libraries compliant to IEEE and IPC standards.
  • The exclusive engineering team for PCB layout verification and SI analysis.
  • The Software team extends the capability of EDA tools by customization, scripts & automation tools.
  • Support and availability of skilled resources round the clock to meet the deadlines.
  • Ability to scale up in a short time frame. Fast/Quick turn PCB design.
  • Experience in serving for a wide spectrum of global clients with varying requirements.
  • Caliber takes responsibility to pass EMI/EMC, vibration, and drop test qualification process for product certification.
PCB Library Management
  • We support the component library development and maintenance requirements as per IPC 7351B standards.
  • Customer specs can be practiced along with IPC standards based on requirements.
  • Enhanced Padstack naming convention (other than IPC) can be used for unique and/or simple identification of pads.
  • Symbol library creation & Component footprint creation/maintenance of multiple EDA tools
  • Organization-specific standards can be practiced as needed.
  • Our dedicated library team ensures zero defect footprints for your new component library requirements on a daily basis
  • 3D modeling of components (in multiple CAD tools).
  • Library development under all EDA tools.
Business Model
  • On-site placement of resources.
  • Off-site design service - cost per hour and project basis.
  • Cost per resource on a retainership basis.

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