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Electronically Controlled Greenhouse For Vertical Farming

The challenges of indoor farming are shrinking space, inadequate water, scarcity of workforce, and extreme weather conditions. Caliber offers an IoT-based smart farming solution by which you can provide your farm with the infrastructure to leverage advanced technology. Our solution enables live track, monitor, analyse and automate operations. Availability of cultivation know-how.

Technology In Agriculture

The application of advanced science and technology in farming is not optimized. Leveraging technology is one way to resolve the challenges associated with conventional agriculture and mitigate process-induced toxins.

Solution -> Integration of greenhouse farming, roof gardening & vertical farming techniques is effectively driven by the app.

  • The electronic system has control of temperature, light & humidity
  • The intelligent app remotely controls the system for variations
  • Water feeding and weather 
  • Monitors the growth of the plants 
  • Measures the soil and the quality of the sand continuously
  • Advises on the supply of critical minerals
  • A greenhouse can grow tropical and subtropical organic vegetables and spinach
  • Produce bio-fertilizers, liquid form minerals, sand preparation and conditioning techniques
Test Home
Test Home
  • Growing vertically enables effective space utilization. Concentrated feeding of water, minerals and fertilizers saves on the cost of growing
  • Polycarbonate roofing sheets in the greenhouse filter heat to ensure healthy plant growth, which can cultivate around the year
  • Cooling pads & foggers create conducive plant growth environments by optimizing temperature & humidity
Farming As Industry
  • Allows year-round cultivation with higher yield
  • Suitable for large and small-level cultivators
  • Allows both organic & inorganic techniques
  • Concentrated farming techniques save the usage of water & nutrients
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