5HP Solar Pump Drive
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Electrical Specifications:
  • Drive supply voltage : 250V DC to 800V DC
  • Input operation voltage : 460V DC to 750V DC
  • Output voltage : 380V AC - 480V AC, 3 Phase
  • Output current : 12.5A
  • Output power : 3.7KW (5 hp)
  • Built-in MPPT function to reap maximum solar power and maximum pump performance
  • Enables higher utilization via RPM and gain adjustment
  • Displays for temperature, input voltage, motor current, RPM
  • Indication of motor status, faults, solar presence
  • Connectivity:
    • Remote monitoring and configuration of drive with GPRS
    • Isolated connectivity through UART port
Test Home
Test Home
  • Reverse polarity
  • Under voltage (480V)
  • Overload (80A)
  • Short circuit
  • Over temperature
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