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IOT & Wearable

With the miniaturization of sensors, low power microcontrollers, wireless technologies and storage networks, every device having electronics and software is connected. Our wearable connected device is a security device for children.

Our Work Process

The device houses a GPS receiver, three axis accelerometer, temperature sensor, water level sensor, GPRS for cloud communication and a rechargeable battery. The product is designed to have two tiny PCBs: One for sensors and microcontrollers, one for RF. Both the tiny PCBs are housed in a watch case specially designed by our team.

Our smart firmware embedded into the ultra-low power microcontroller queries all the sensors and communicates the sensor data to the cloud server through the GPRS interface. The algorithm is designed in such a way that the battery power and the memory are used optimally. The device also could be configured to operate in different profiles from the cloud server through the GPRS interface and also the external USB interface.

With the two PCB approach, the device is also designed to be easily customizable for customer needs.The device could be extended to BLE by replacing the RF module.

IOT Wearable Device - Product Highlights

Ultra-low microcontroller

IM808 GPRS/GPS module

Freescale 3-axis accelerometer

Low power digital temperature sensor

Emergency switch

Water level sensor