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Enabling Faster And Smarter Silicon Validation


Service Overview

Phase Change Thermal Forcing System for Si Validation -60°c to 125°c. The new cooling/heating forcing system is used as laboratory equipment to validate Si components in temperature ranges of -40ºc up to +125ºc at cooling / heating envelope between 150W@-40ºc 650W@0ºc.

The Samson system has the capability to support Rack dimensions 50 X 25 x 29 cm. Samson Air cooling requires standard 208-230V 50Hz or 110-130V 60Hz outlet only. Samson Liquid cooling requires additional chiller with flow rate range of 3.0-1.8 liter per min @15c (+/- 2c). Total cooling system efficiency is ~55%



Compact design

Reliable operation

Fluid free

Quiet operation


Semiconductor testing

Compartment cooling

Laser systems

Medical systems

Desktop Climate Chamber

Service Overview

The DTC is a thermal solution that controls the temperature of a working PCB in a small chamber and maintains temperature and airflow between -15ºc to 80ºc.